M. Sc. Lasse Peschka

Raum M3/209

tel.: +49(0)951-863-1963


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Research interests

Psychology of Sexuality and Gender

Genderdysphoria / Transgender


Qualitative methods in Psychology

Philosophy of Mind

Theory and History of Psychology



Master Psychology, University of Bamberg

Master Theory and History of Psychology, University of Groningen

Bachelor Psychology, University of Bamberg



Peschka, L; Raab, M. H. (in press). A thing like a human? A mixed-methods study on sex dolls and their users.


Conference Contributions

Peschka, L. (2017, April). Amongst labeling and self-ascription: Doing Transgender in Identity Work and interaction. Poster presentation at the conference of the European Professional Association for Transgender Health, Belgrade, Serbia.

Peschka, L. (2017, January). Trans*Identitäten zwischen Selbst- und Fremdzuschreibungen. Talk at freie uni bamberg, Bamberg, Germany.