Center for Impact Research (CIR)

EU funded research is aimed at creating a positive impact on its citizens.

To ascertain research outcomes in terms of acceptance among relevant

stakeholders and of risks and benefits for society is therefore an essential

part of all EU funded research projects.


In order to tackle the issue of impact of EU research projects a group of

experienced researchers from the University of Bamberg formed the Center for

Impact Research (CIR). They pursue a holistic approach striving to analyze

academic, cultural, economic, political and societal impact by applying  a

broad variety of scientific methods. In order to identify the expected

benefits of the EU research for society CIR takes into account all relevant

stakeholders, different timescales (immedi-ate, medium-term, long-term), and

scales from local to European level.


CIR offers cooperation in EU funded research proposals and projects across

the whole framework programme providing tailor-made strategies towards

impact and their implementation. CIR is a reliable partner drawing on the

interdisciplinary expertise of its members. CIR also benefits from the

University of Bamberg’s strong focus on Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH)

and is therefore fle-xible to adapt to specific project needs and has the

means of relevant integration of SSH into projects from other research