Course Objectives:

(A) Students will learn about the TPTP World Infrastructure for Automated Reasoning and work on topics and small projects using this infrastructure.

(B) Students will learn about applications of Automated Reasoning tools in the field of law and ethics; for this purpose, we collaborate with the AuReLeE project of the University of Luxembourg and participate (online) in a course and workshop the we jointly organise with members and collaborators of this project.

How is the course organised? What are the events?

1. Teaser talk on the TPTP World by Prof. Geoff Sutcliffe, Miami (the main person behind the TPTP project) on July 7; exact time to be decided, e.g. 10:00-12:00 or 14:00-16:00.

2. Organizational meeting on July 8, 10:00-12:00: At this meeting, work topics will be assigned to students. 

3. Monday (July 11), Tuesday (July 12), Thursday (July 14): Meetings (individual/group) for further discussion and exploration of work topics.

4. Monday (July 18) through Friday (July 22): 

- Online participation in a course/workshop organized jointly with colleagues from the University of Luxembourg; this event is expected to take place in the morning.

- Individual/group work on the assigned topics

5. Final presentation day (one day during the week of July 25-28): Students will give their final presentations on the assigned topics and also discuss how they relate to the content they absorbed in the joint course with the University of Luxembourg.

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