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25.01.16 To Each Country its Own – School Systems Included

With the goal of becoming acquainted with new possibilities for structuring children’s transition from kindergarten to primary school, students of primary school education participated in a study trip to Switzerland that provided ample opportunity for educational and intercultural exchange. Morezum Thema: To Each Country its Own – School Systems Included

18.12.15 Model United Nations

Slipping into the role of a diplomat and debating current topics with nearly 5,000 participants at the UN headquarters in New York: The Model United Nations makes it possible. Since 2008, the BaMUN preparatory conference has been training the Bamberg delegation for the diplomatic spotlight. Morezum Thema: Model United Nations

13.11.15 Prestigious ERC Starting Grant for Bamberg Historian

The Historian Peter Riedlberger has received the ERC Starting Grant, the most prestigious of all awards for excellent young researchers. It’s the first time this coveted international sponsorship has been awarded to a scholar at the University of Bamberg. Morezum Thema: Prestigious ERC Starting Grant for Bamberg Historian

29.10.15 The University of Bamberg in the Funding Atlas 2015

The figures are in, and according to the current data on the distribution of public research funding, the University of Bamberg’s academic focus areas continue to pay off: humanities and social science programmes have secured funding at the highest levels. Morezum Thema: The University of Bamberg in the Funding Atlas 2015

24.09.15 New Perpetrators, New Victims

Human rights abuses committed by Western democracies and international organisations represent one of Assistant Professor Monika Heupel’s main research topics. Her research shows that, comparatively speaking, these perpetrators do not assume equal responsibility for their violations, and it identifies the sources of such disparities. Morezum Thema: New Perpetrators, New Victims

19.08.15 Germany, a Crisis Management Model?

3.8 million – that’s the estimated number of jobs that have been lost to the eurozone crisis thus far. There is, however, a great deal of variation between countries: Greece lost over one million jobs, Italy around 800,000. The German labour market, on the other hand, has proven itself to be comparatively stable. The sociologist Olaf Struck explains why, and at what cost. Morezum Thema: Germany, a Crisis Management Model?

22.07.15 Making Sense of Word Salad

Functional illiteracy is a problem found at the very centre of society: approximately 7.5 million Germans’ reading and writing skills are inadequate for participation in social life or the pursuit of a professional career. Psychologists at the University of Bamberg have studied the problem’s causes and have developed a programme that can help; AlphaPlus and AlphaPlus Job. Morezum Thema: Making Sense of Word Salad

30.06.15 Exploring the Self

The American professor of social and personality psychology Dr. Roy Baumeister is among the world’s most influential contemporary psychologists. Thanks to a Humboldt Research Award presented to him following his nomination by the University of Bamberg’s, he will now be conducting research in Bamberg. Morezum Thema: Exploring the Self

29.05.15 University Council Elects New Vice-president

On 22 May 2015, the university council elected Maike Andresen to the office of Vice-president for Research by an overwhelming majority. In addition to promoting international cooperation, she is committed to developing new career paths and initiating a system of human resource development. In office, she will be able to draw on insights from her own extensive research experience. Morezum Thema: University Council Elects New Vice-president

29.04.15 Top Honours for Business Research

Three scholars from the University of Bamberg are included in the current Handelsblatt list of the top business economists. Their research on business relationships between corporations and on human resource management has brought them top honours in the renowned rankings. Morezum Thema: Top Honours for Business Research

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