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24.07.14 Summer, Sun, Seminar

Sitting in a classroom during summer break? It’s not what most students think of when sunny, warm weather arrives, but this year the University of Bamberg is offering six summer school programmes that might make you change your plans. Morezum Thema: Summer, Sun, Seminar

18.06.14 Vice Presidents Confirmed for Another Term in Office

As proposed by the university president, the vice presidents for teaching and learning, as well as for technology and innovation both sought re-election on June 6. In a public session, they each presented their goals to the University Council and were confirmed in office at the Council meeting that followed. Morezum Thema: Vice Presidents Confirmed for Another Term in Office

06.06.14 Facebook-Friends: The cause of stress

With the growing number of friends on Facebook, users are increasingly being drawn into the lives and problems of their Facebook acquaintances, which can be a serious trigger of stress. This conclusion was reached in a study conducted by business information specialists at the universities of Bamberg and Frankfurt am Main. Morezum Thema: Facebook-Friends: The cause of stress

05.05.14 Marie Curie Sponsorship for Project CREATIVE

Economics, culture, education, social issues – in all realms of human life, creativity is essential to the advancement of society. It is therefore quite astonishing to the US-based psychologist Dominik Güss that transnational creativity research remains largely undiscovered territory. But now, with his is Marie Curie fellowship, he can contribute to filling in this research void. Morezum Thema: Marie Curie Sponsorship for Project CREATIVE

26.03.14 Johannes Grotzky, Expert on Eastern Europe,
Named Honorary Professor

Dr Johannes Grotzky, who has been the director of radio broadcasting at the Bayerischer Rundfunk since 2002, has been named honorary professor of Eastern European Studies, Culture and Media at the University of Bamberg’s Slavic studies institute. His official appointment was finalised by university president Professor Godehard Ruppert on March 10th. Morezum Thema: Johannes Grotzky, Expert on Eastern Europe,
Named Honorary Professor

05.03.14 Understanding and Preserving Historic Architecture

Students in the Uzbek-German master’s degree programme in building preservation and heritage conservation visited the University of Bamberg to expand their academic knowledge and hone their skills in heritage conservation. At the centre of their visit: the Bamberg cathedral. Morezum Thema: Understanding and Preserving Historic Architecture

19.02.14 Taking the Diplomatic Stage

For the last 11 years, the University of Bamberg has sent a delegation of students to the National Model United Nations (NMUN) in New York. The current group officially kicked off their preparation in October 2013, and the delegates have been busy studying the history and procedures of the United Nations. And now they are entering the final phase: in April they will travel to New York to represent the diplomatic interests of the United States of America. Morezum Thema: Taking the Diplomatic Stage

17.01.14 Sensors Conquering Fear in Old Age

We live in an ageing society, but we continue to be confronted with the challenge of how less and less young people will care for the ever increasing numbers of the elderly. Psychologists from the University of Bamberg are contributing to a solution with their work on a project known as FEARLESS. Morezum Thema: Sensors Conquering Fear in Old Age

07.01.14 Unique Institutional Partnership Finalised

On January 1, 2014, management of Bamberg’s prestigious National Education Panel Study (NEPS) – until recently a University of Bamberg research project – was transferred to the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories, or LIfBi. The LIfBi simultaneously became an official affiliated institute of the University of Bamberg and a member of the Leibniz Association. In the span of only five years, the university-based project has grown into an institute providing valuable, lasting contributions to the broader research community. Morezum Thema: Unique Institutional Partnership Finalised

28.11.13 Helping Guests “Settle In”

They come for one semester, a year, or even for their entire studies: they’re foreign students. In order to help these students settle in and feel more at home in a new city and culture, the University of Bamberg offers both tandem and support family programmes. Morezum Thema: Helping Guests “Settle In”

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